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Code Club

Hello World!

Code Club is a year 5 club that takes place on a Thursday after school from 3:15 to 4:10, run by Mr Brouard.


At the club we learn about computer coding using lots of different programming languages and different computers.


The first programmes we build use Scratch, a block programming language that can be used to control sprites and create lots of different games, animations quizzes etc. Scratch can be run on a web browser or can be downloaded from the scratch web site to use at home.


We also use a BBC micro:bit – this has a similar block programming as Scratch but it attaches to real world things such as LEDs. You can also control electrical circuits with it, so opening up the possibilities of robots and all sorts of making projects.

You can find out about micro:bit here.

The club has just started making a small robot like the one below. If it goes well we might get some more!

Raspberry Pi

We also use Raspberry Pis to begin more complex computing. The Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized computer that can be used to control a series of GPIO pins. These pins send and receive information from sensors, motors, buzzers – the list is almost endless. 

We have also started to hack the game Minecraft using a more complex computing language called Python.


Code Club - lots of projects to follow using different languages

Raspberry Pi  Foundation - projects, information, education and help if you want to set up your own

micro:bit website - how-tos and ideas for your new little computer.

Scratch - the website version where you can find other peoples projects or start your own!

Manchester Rasberry Jam - get together with other makers that use Raspberry Pis and see what they can do. The latest events are here.

Places to buy micro:bits and Raspberry Pis and lots of other coding, making and hacking things... (just the ones I know about and have used - not a recommendation and I don't get anything from them! Mr Brouard)


The PiHut



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