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Summer Reading

Dear Parents and Carers,

Summer Reading Challenge

During the summer holidays we hope your child continues to read as much as possible. There is no greater pleasure for us as teachers, than witnessing the children picking up a book to enjoy on their own (or with an adult).

With this in mind, we are going to set your child a very easy summer reading challenge.

All we would like them to do is keep a record of everything they read during the summer holidays: books, magazines, comics, news reports, instructions, recipes, cereal packets, emails, letters etc. In September we would like the children to bring their reading list in so that we can create a ‘reading river’.

The reading river will be a visual representation of the children’s reading journey during the summer holiday. The children in KS1 will create a class reading river and the children in KS2 will create their own reading river.

The children are welcome to bring in photographs of themselves reading, or cuttings and print outs of their reading material which they will be able to add to their reading river, but this is not essential.

All we are asking of the children is to keep a list of the things they read.

We can’t wait to hear all the ‘book talk’ in September and hope the children will gain new ideas of where they can find their reading material as well as gain some new books or authors to try based on the recommendations of their classmates.

We appreciate buying books can be quite expensive and would like to remind you of the libraries in our local area:

  • Northenden Community Library
  • Brooklands Library
  • Barlow Moor Community Library
  • Didsbury Library

May we wish you a very happy summer holiday.

Miss Wrighton and Miss Brierley

English Coordinators


reading river 2.pngreading river 1.png