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Why is Music important?

Music is a powerful universal language which promotes unity and celebrates difference.  Music brings life to Saint Aidan's through our prayer life as well being part of our curriculum.  Music is important in developing individual skill, discipline, focus and memory. Whether we are singing, playing, or listening, we develop our aural discrimination through Music, which is an important element of communication and literacy too. Singing songs, chants and listening to nursery rhymes are a great starting point in our EYFS and support the teaching of Spanish in Key Stage 1.

We use Churanga Scheme of work to support the planning and delivery of Music.

Whole School Overview

  Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Reception Me My Stories Everyone Our World Big Bear funk Reflect, rewind and replay
Year 1 Hey you! Rhythm In The Way We Walk and Banana Rap In the Groove Round and Round Your Imagination Reflect, rewind and replay
Year 2 Hands, Feet, Heart Ho Ho Ho I Wanna Play In A Band Zootime Friendship Song Reflect, rewind and replay
Year 3 Let your Spirit Fly Glockenspiel Stage 1 Three Little Birds The Dragon Song Bringing Us Together Reflect, rewind and replay
Year 4 Mamma Mia Glockenspiel Stage 2 Stop! Lean On Me Blackbird Reflect, rewind and replay
Year 5 Livin On A Prayer Classroom Jazz 1 Make You Feel My Love The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Dancing In The Street Reflect, rewind and replay
Year 6 Happy Classroom Jazz 2 A New Year Carol You've Got A Friend Music and Me Reflect, rewind and replay

Wider Opportunities for Composition and Performance

Once the children reach Year 4 they have the opportunity to learn the Steal Pans. Mr Brathwaite from the Manchester Music Service works with the children in Year 4 every Friday afternoon.