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How to help your child

How can you help your child?

A positive partnership between school and home is very important in helping all children and especially those who have been identified as having a Special Educational Need. Through this partnership a more complete picture can be built up of the child, their strengths and weaknesses and any patterns of behaviour. This partnership also means that there is a consistency in how the child is helped, and a hopefully seamless flow from home to school, and vice versa, can be created. The class teacher and SENCo are always there to support parents in supporting their child and can be contacted via the office.

Tips for supporting your child with homework at home

  • Little and often is best, especially for reading and learning spelling and tables
  • Make sure the child is working in the correct environment- no TV, quiet space etc.
  • Use a visual timer to ensure that the time is used for working not sharpening pencils, finding rubbers etc.
  • Try and create a routine for completing homework and stick to it.
  • If the homework takes longer than 30 minutes per subject, stop and make a comment on the sheet or the book to show where the child got up to.
  • Always inform the class teacher if you child has had particular difficulties with the work.

Always encourage your child to read for pleasure and visit the local library. Sharing books and reading to them at bedtime is really important.


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