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Ten Ten Assembly - information for parents

Love God, Love One Another

September 2023

Welcome back to a new school year!  The beginning of a new school year is exciting and busy, and a time ripe for new resolutions. Children may have mixed feelings as they settle into new routines at school, and you’ll be easing back into school-time routines as a family too.

You may wish to say this prayer together:

Dear Jesus,

Thank you that you are with us on the path ahead.

Thank you that you help us up the mountains in our lives.

Thank you that you are with us when life is going well.

Thank you for helping us to follow you through every step of this school year.

Thank you that you are with us and all of our friends and family.

We will walk with you!

Here’s a glimpse of the September Assemblies with links to where you can read the Gospels and some prompt questions which you might like to explore further with your child/ren:


Follow The Leader

w/c 4th September

This assembly starts the new school year with an opportunity for children to reflect on their relationship with Jesus during the summer holidays and, through an imaginative reflection, consider how they want to follow Jesus during the year ahead.

Matthew 16:24 

Children will have different levels of knowledge and understanding about leaders depending on their age. You might like to talk to your children about leaders that they know starting with leaders in their school and then widening to leaders in the Church, our country and the world. Ask the question: ‘What makes a good leader?’


“Where Two Or Three Meet In My Name”

w/c 11th September


To celebrate the 175th Education Sunday, children are quizzed about aspects of schools, and reflect on how Catholic schools contribute to the mission of the Church. In a concluding time of prayer for pupils, families and school staff, Bishop Marcus Stock, chair of the Catholic Education Service, will offer some words of encouragement.

Matthew 18:20

This is a good opportunity to encourage children to consider what is special about their school. Ask what they enjoy about their learning and think about the people who help them every day at school.


Forgive and Forgive and Forgive

w/c 18th September


In this week’s Gospel reading, Peter asks Jesus how many times we should forgive someone who sins against us. Jesus says not seven times but seventy-seven times - in other words, no matter how many times somebody hurts us, we need to forgive them! Peter’s question helps us to understand that daily choices to forgive others are needed.

Matthew 18:21

Saying sorry and forgiving others can be challenging. The message of the Gospel is that we should always be ready to forgive. This might be an opportunity to talk about making good choices and ways of making up for the wrong choices we have made.


Deeper, Wider, Higher

w/c 25th September

Isaiah 55:6-9

Matthew 20:1-16

Fairness is important for children and this Gospel may provoke interesting questions. The message is that it’s hard to understand God’s amazing generosity. God doesn’t only give us what we deserve, He continues to love us and provide for us unconditionally.