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Ten Ten Assembly - information for parents

Love God, Love One Another


easter.pngMay 2022


Jesus’ resurrection on Easter Sunday is such a foundational cornerstone of our faith that we don’t just celebrate it on Easter Sunday, but for 50 days called ‘Eastertide’. Eastertide is 50 days of rejoicing and celebration between Easter Sunday and Pentecost (when Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to His disciples), during which time we say and sing lots of “Alleluias!” to celebrate that Jesus is risen! We rejoice in the hope, joy and peace that Jesus brings through His death and resurrection. In school we are exploring the overarching theme ‘We are an Easter people and “Alleluia is our song!”’

The children learned that ‘Alleluia’ means ‘Praise the Lord’ which we do and say to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection. Moreover, they learned that it’s a word that we fast from saying or singing during Lent, so that we can say and sing it with even greater gusto during Eastertide – because Jesus’ great victory over death at Easter is something great to shout about!



Our Pilgrimage to the Cross


Throughout Lent, children have been participating in a six part ‘mini-series’ within the Ten Ten Year of Pilgrimage, which leads children from Ash Wednesday to Jesus’ death on the cross on Good Friday. These six assemblies make up the first ‘stopping place’ that you see on the Pilgrimage Map. 

ten ten.png


During Our Pilgrimage to the Cross, with Jesus’ help, children have focussed on making good changes to their behaviour and reached out to others. They learned that we can be full of hope and faith as we work on getting closer to God!

 ‘Christ died for us’, and this is the reason for our hope and joy.


‘But God has shown us how much He loves us –

it was while we were still sinners

that Christ died for us!’ Romans 5: 8


We are the Easter people,Alleluia is our song!



Much of April is taken up with the school holidays, when we celebrate the Solemnity of Easter – the central point of our faith and the reason for our hope and joy!

To help your child engage with this most important of celebrations beyond term time, why not consider reading together some of the events of Holy Week as listed below?

How to Use

  • Follow the links, which will take you to a site where you can change the translation of the Gospel as you wish.
  • Finish with a refrain in the voice of Jesus, which children will be familiar with from their prayers in the final week of term:

Jesus invites us to walk with Him. He says:

Come walk with me,

Come alongside.

See my love for you

As I take each stride.’