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Keeping Safe Online

Love God, Love One Another

CEOP is a law enforcement agency and is here to help keep children and young people safe from sexual abuse and grooming online. They help thousands of children and young people every year who have been hurt or upset by something that has happened online. For more information please see the CEOP website.

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UK Safer Internet Centre

The UK Safer internet Centre has advice and resources to support you as you support your child to use the internet safely, responsibility and positively.

1) Learn more and get involved - Safer Internet Day 2022

2) Conversation Starters

3) Family Activities

4) Family Online Safety Plan

5) Organisations and Resources for Parents and Carers


Parent Factsheets

Government advice on Cyber-bullying

WhatsApp Parent Factsheet

Roblox Parent Factsheet

Snapchat Parent Factsheet

TikTok Parent Factsheet

Instagram Parent Factsheet

Fortnite Parent Factsheet

YouTube Parent Factsheet

Cyberflashing Parent Factsheet

Fake News Parent Factsheet

Parents Guide to Sharing Photos Online

Parent Guide to Trolling

Parents Guide to Rumble

Parent Guide to Fortnite Battle Royale

Screen Time Parent Guide

What do I need to know about ChatGPT? A guide for parents and carers: